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Yankee Classic: The Champ Believer

Yankee Classic: The Champ Believer
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“Yes, the mystery will be gone. This is the good part, the search. Any day could be The Day.”"You sound almost as if you don’t want to find Champ.”

“Well, I wouldn’t throw away my camera,” he said. “But for a cryptozoologist, finding the animal means losing it. It’s not hidden anymore. Then it belongs to the zoologists.

“The mystery is gone for me already, in a way. I believe in the animal. But to someone like Ann Koch or Peg McGeoch, those sightings will become their little crusades for the rest of their lives, to try to persuade others.”

We watched the lake. A breeze came up, blowing away the last wisps of fog and cross-hatching the water with ripples. There seemed to be rivers on the surface, coiling up sluggishly from deep within, moving south.

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