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Bode Miller's Winter Games

Bode Miller’s Winter Games
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Bode Miller in December 2008

Photo/Art by MItchell GunnBode Miller in December 2008

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Editor’s Note: Already Bode Miller has claimed a bronze, a silver, and a gold, making him the most decorated American Olympic alpine skier in history, with a total of five medals in his three winter games.

Only four years ago, in 2007, in Torino, Italy, it was another story. Then Bode was castigated by press and fans as a bust.

Yankee Classic from January/February 2007

Bode Miller, the fastest and most notorious Alpine skier of his generation, grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a mile back in the woods, without electricity and running water. He was homeschooled, self-reliant, and raised to think for himself and not be afraid to say what he thinks. He went into last winter’s Olympics in Torino, Italy, the most ballyhooed American skier in memory — and, when he failed to medal, was slammed in the media as a failure.

We caught up with the 29-year-old Miller two days after he made headlines for a spectacular catch while making a celebrity appearance with the professional New Hampshire Pride baseball team. Soon he’d begin training in earnest for the upcoming World Cup season. At the heart of his unique regimen is running in the shallow, fast-flowing, boulder-strewn streams of the White Mountains, hopping from rock to rock — challenging himself as he’s done since childhood.

(Note: Rated PG for mild profanity)

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