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Dustless Floor Refinishing | Real Solutions

Dustless Floor Refinishing | Real Solutions
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The Future of Floor Refinishing

In my Real Solutions column in the March/April issue of Yankee Magazine, I was singing the praises of BonaKemi. This Swedish-based company, renowned for its excellent hardwood floor cleaning system, has created a floor-refinishing unit that produces virtually no dust.

Lovely floors start with fine finishing, but no homeowner looks forward to the sanding that is required to restore floors to their original beauty. We’ve had to remove curtains, wrap electronics in plastic, tape off closets and cupboards, and much more in order to prevent horrendous clean up after floor refinishing.

BonaKemi has developed a powerful vacuum (Bona Atomic) that attaches to sanders, their own and those of other manufacturers. BonaKemi actually has two vacuum units — one for smaller apartments and another for homes up to three-stories. The equipment is so clean running that it is certified to indoor air quality standards and operators do not have to wear masks.

The first company in New England to feature the Bona Atomic line is C&R Flooring in Needham, Massachusetts. Their services are in such demand that they have recently purchased a third system. Customers who are thrilled with the dustless process are willing to pay more than standard refinishing, an option C&R no longer offers.

For dustless refinishing, they charge $4.50 a square foot. The full-sized vacuum unit, which is mounted to a truck (included in the set-up), can cost a company about $65,000. Chris Zizza, president of C&R Flooring, believes that despite the investment, dustless floor refinishing is the wave of the future.

C&R Flooring
65 Crawford St.
Needham, Massachusetts

Clarke Distribution Showroom
393 Fortune Blvd.
Milford, Massachusetts


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