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Songs of the Sox

Songs of the Sox
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At that point, fans chant, “So good! So good!”

The song is even played at spring-training games in Fort Myers, Florida. I recall that during one spring-training game in 2006, the song wasn’t played at its normal time at the bottom of the eighth, causing many inquisitive fans to look toward the press box, asking, “What happened to ‘Sweet Caroline’?” The understandably upset Sox management, realizing what had happened, played the song in the ninth inning, much to the delight of the fans on hand.

“Tessie” was the original song of the Royal Rooters fan club, who used to march into the Huntington Avenue Grounds, former home of the Red Sox, and strum up “Tessie” to get the crowd going.

Will R. Anderson wrote the lyrics, which go:

Tessie, you make me feel so badly.
Why don’t you turn around?
Tessie, you know I love you madly.
Babe, my heart weighs about a pound.
Don’t blame me if I ever doubt you,
You know I wouldn’t live without you.
Tessie, you are the only, only, only…

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