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Speaking My Mind: Should New Hampshire keep the first-in-the-nation primary?

Speaking My Mind: Should New Hampshire keep the first-in-the-nation primary?
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by in Nov 2007

Sharon Hart — The first in the nation primary should definitely still happen in New Hampshire!! To have it anywhere else would just be wrong!!

Theresa Montagnon — I’ve spent a great deal of my life in the state of New Hampshire and the state and it’s people are just as American as any others. I vote they keep the Primary.

Randell Martin — I appreciate, and enjoy, the traditions of the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa Caucuses leading off the presidential campaign season. Keep the primary where it is on the calendar.

Jeanne Moran — In my heart, I believe all elections are “fixed”…not by God!! By politicians!!!!!! Who think they’re God!!!!!!!!

Christopher Hall — Of course New Hampshire should remain the very first Primary in the nation! Do you really trust an Iowan to make an informed decision? NO!! Keep the tradition ALIVE!

Dorothy Nazarian — New Hampshire’s historical position of first in the nation primary should be fought for and held on…it’s not a partisan issue to be debated, but a matter of principle. In this heightened atmosphere of degrading political discourse, we should not forfeit what has been an accepted, acknowledged, and constitutionally required (NH Const.) position held by New Hampshire.

Rebecca Buccini — Do you consider your state a good cross section of the U.S.? If not, why is primary held in New Hampshire? Don’t know history. Second thought, why not New Hampshire? It’s as good a place as any even though your weather is not always so wonderful when it is held.

Bruce Berry — I believe the expression is…”as goes New Hampshire, so goes the nation.” The voters of New Hampshire are true, honest, and of high moral fiber. Let’s keep this tradition and dump the electoral college instead.

Richard Gillard — Absolutely. It is a huge point of recognition for the State of New Hampshire. Big for tourist recognition with all the media swarming over the state and each night on the major networks NH gets a lot of free publicity. While it is small, it is mighty in that many candidates fall out as a result of the primary. It has huge publicity value and an economic boon for the State. Besides, it is a lot of fun to watch.

Betty Hale — Somebody has to go first! Why not “the shire”! NH is more balanced than ever in terms of representing the rest of the country. We love the tradition of our first primary — and so does most of the country.

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