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Why are you changing my Yankee?

Why are you changing my Yankee?
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Fair enough. I was famous around Yankee for my reluctance to give up my typewriter. Our editor-in-chief, Jud Hale, still writes every one of his stories longhand on a lined yellow notepad. But the electronic age does let us expand a story in ways we can’t on the printed page.

If we write about a musician, for instance, we can encourage you to listen to the music at our Web site. If space in Yankee only lets us include four gardening tips, we can offer additional useful information on our Web site. Our Web site is a companion — a resource — not a substitute for Yankee.

Every library today has computers for the public. Just go in, ask the librarian to show you how to find, and explore. What you’ll find there is plain, simple, good New England information. And a lot of fun.

*I don’t like change one bit. *

I know. New Englanders are more set in our ways than anyone. It’s why the big chain stores have struggled more here than anywhere else to gain footholds — our town centers aren’t going to give up without a fight. New Englanders have trusted Yankee for 72 years. Each year we’ve tinkered and mended and done our best. Now, that’s one thing that’ll never change.

See you next week.

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