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Home Project: Coatrack from Shoe Forms

Home Project: Coatrack from Shoe Forms
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Old wooden shoe forms make a charming, vintage-looking coatrack.

1. Browse your favorite antiques stores and flea markets for interesting old shoe forms.

2. Determine the wood-panel size you’ll need for the space you’ve got in mind. You might use an old wooden door, for instance, or a shutter, or even an old cutting board. A small panel with a single shoe works great in the kitchen for hanging a dish towel.

3. Paint your panel to match or accent your décor if you like, or leave it as is. Chipped layers of old paint add texture and instant age to this new piece if you like the look.

4. Place the wood panel face up on your work surface. Arrange your shoe forms along the panel, with soles facing out and toes all pointing up. Mark the spot on the panel where each shoe form will be mounted.

5. Take the shoe forms off the panel. Now, from the top side, drill two holes, one above the other, into the “ankle” end of each shoe form (to avoid the forms’ twisting once mounted). Add a drop of wood glue to each hole.

6. Drill matching holes straight through the wood panel.

7. Position your first shoe form on the front of the wood panel. From the back of the wood panel, screw the shoe form into place.

8. Repeat with the remaining shoe forms.

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