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Speaking My Mind: What do you think is the most significant problem of the 21st century?

by in Oct 2007
Speaking My Mind: What do you think is the most significant problem of the 21st century?
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Sharon Faerber — Complaisant. We’ve given our country to the enemy.That enemy is the former and current administration, immigration and its lack of rules, schools that are failing our children because there are so many issues they must address besides the academics that should be the main focus.Global warming, what is it about people who still do not believe it’s a real threat. The list goes on and on, but I will again say COMPLAISANT.

Dawn Lincoln — The biggest problem has been the steady creeping away from the freedom and liberty that our founding fathers so carefully and methodically worked to protect. Too many of us have fallen down on the job of doing the eternal vigilance that they warned was essential to protect our freedom. I do not believe that all is lost though. New Hampshire has the ability to turn this around and take back the freedoms that have slowly been taken away. Registering to vote and voting for candidates who will protect your rights and respect the constitution will be a giant step in the right direction.

Valerie Madden — I think, along with other readers, that global warming is the greatest issue to date. I am not looking forward to the upcoming year for campaign slashing and promises to be unkept. This administration has not even recognized the problem until recently, if then. There is more concern for who will be in charge then of what will we do to help our future which is our children and our children’s future. To quote Peter, Paul and Mary, “When will we ever learn?”

Jill Herendeen — Lack of jobs which pay living wages–the direct result of Congress being beholden to corporate interests, probably; good jobs being sent overseas, or given to commuters from the third world (because they’ll work for less, as it costs less to raise a family that’s in Pakistan or wherever than it does in American suburbia). So both parents are FORCED to work for ever decreasing wages, while the cost of everything rises and the kids are being raised, so to speak, by bureaucrats, who are out to keep their own nonproductive jobs, and by TV and computer games, wherein basic decency is rare, if there at all. The teachers are too busy getting the kids, who come from essentially, if not literally, parentless homes, to jump through ever-increasingly more stringent academic hoops, so as to push more kids into Special Ed., so as to get extra funding for the school districts, so the taxes have to go up more, so the parents have to work more to pay for them, the better to disable theThe American Family (which might, if it had any time to itself, have more wherewithal to reign in unbridled gov’t). Together with the Bush Administration, and a Congress which goes along for the ride, giving tax breaks to the rich and starting wars of aggression to pour money into Haliburton et al.’s pockets…a scene created largely by voting fraud, via computerized voting machines, which are SO EASY to hack. High rates of immigration, even legal immigration, are fuel to the fire. The medical-industrial complex driving up cost of living and taxes to fill the pockets of Big Pharma. Basically, the wealthy have figured out legally how to rob everyone else, with the government to aid, abet, and enforce it. No wonder folks — the sort whom one would find in grocery stores — are short-tempered…

M. Monette — The Bush Administration…. I won’t lay it all on just one person. It’s the actions of a privileged group dismantling the Constitution at the expense of the people.

Robin Martin — I think the biggest problem is the over spending on everything. There is no balance. We have bridges falling apart. Schools are failing our kids even though the spending percentage is more than ever before in history and billions of American dollars are going to other militaristic governments or funding a war in the Middle East that we may never get out of. I don’t have the answers, but it’s a grim picture.

Michael Moen — The biggest problem is the lack of concern for other people. The focus is to much on self, not family, future generations, the world, people in other countries. We need to leave the attitude of what can I get for me now, who cares how and at what cost, and become more caring, kind and honest. Myself included.

JC Nowlin — Radicalism on both sides…too much hate and not enough people remembering that we are all Americans. And if I had my druthers someone would let the dopes in Washington know this is an English speaking country. And that it’s ok to believe in God. Sure I feel sorry for the folks who don’t speak English but can you imagine them going to France and demanding that they change their schools and include Spanish or Lithuianian or Polish or Italian as a separate language? If you live here you need to learn to speak English period.

Susan Bass — If we don’t get a handle on global warming, there won’t be anywhere on earth that man can go to get out of the way of Mother Earth. We are only stewards of this earth and we are not doing our part in preserving it for future generations. We all need to conserve, conserve, conserve, or ELSE!!!

Anne Welch — Liberal politics…Letting the terrorists that want to kill us get away with all they could during the Clinton administration.

No name given — I guess I am looking at a more simplistic nature when I present my answer… increase in rudeness and disrespect from individuals towards others. And this includes children! I was amazed at a recent trip into the City of Boston. So many people pushed past us (we weren’t doing a thing wrong, we were just in “their way”) bumped into us, grabbed at something beyond us, all with out an “excuse me” or even a “move”! Children were just set loose (at the Aquarium) and one little girl about 10 or 12 yrs old knocked me out of the way because she wanted to walk where I was walking. What has happened to basic interactions and respect. So often in grocery stores and other places of service (restaurants, gas stations, etc) there is no eye contact from clerks, no smiles in those “Happy Place(s),” items are just tossed into bags, and heaven forbid if you ask a question, you are interrupting their “gossip” time. It truly is sad. What future does this country have, what type of leaders will our intelligent children become if they cannot understand and practice simple acts of decency towards other human beings. This all makes me feel old, and I try very hard not to say “in my day…..” (gosh, I’m only 50) but I find myself doing just that, and becoming infuriated while my groceries are smushed together in a bag while the cashier is busy chatting with another one about what she said and he did the other night. I am on my own little mission. I say Thank you. I let someone know if they have been kind or helpful or have made a difference in a simple way. And I remember to smile. No matter how many wrinkles I may show, I smile. Would be a sad world if that is a forgotten, lost “art”.

David Garrecht — Lack of certainty about what is true and what is false. Most other problems issue from this.

Anita Garnett — Close Minded Publications are the problem. I’m glad that I no longer subscribe to Yankee magazine…inferring that liberal politics can be a problem in asking the following question “Global climate change, decline of the family, liberal politics, apathy… What do you think is the most significant problem of the 21st century?” Poor choice on your behalf.

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