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Speaking My Mind: What do you think is the most significant problem of the 21st century?

Speaking My Mind: What do you think is the most significant problem of the 21st century?
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by in Oct 2007

Susan Bass — If we don’t get a handle on global warming, there won’t be anywhere on earth that man can go to get out of the way of Mother Earth. We are only stewards of this earth and we are not doing our part in preserving it for future generations. We all need to conserve, conserve, conserve, or ELSE!!!

Anne Welch — Liberal politics…Letting the terrorists that want to kill us get away with all they could during the Clinton administration.

No name given — I guess I am looking at a more simplistic nature when I present my answer… increase in rudeness and disrespect from individuals towards others. And this includes children! I was amazed at a recent trip into the City of Boston. So many people pushed past us (we weren’t doing a thing wrong, we were just in “their way”) bumped into us, grabbed at something beyond us, all with out an “excuse me” or even a “move”! Children were just set loose (at the Aquarium) and one little girl about 10 or 12 yrs old knocked me out of the way because she wanted to walk where I was walking. What has happened to basic interactions and respect. So often in grocery stores and other places of service (restaurants, gas stations, etc) there is no eye contact from clerks, no smiles in those “Happy Place(s),” items are just tossed into bags, and heaven forbid if you ask a question, you are interrupting their “gossip” time. It truly is sad. What future does this country have, what type of leaders will our intelligent children become if they cannot understand and practice simple acts of decency towards other human beings. This all makes me feel old, and I try very hard not to say “in my day…..” (gosh, I’m only 50) but I find myself doing just that, and becoming infuriated while my groceries are smushed together in a bag while the cashier is busy chatting with another one about what she said and he did the other night. I am on my own little mission. I say Thank you. I let someone know if they have been kind or helpful or have made a difference in a simple way. And I remember to smile. No matter how many wrinkles I may show, I smile. Would be a sad world if that is a forgotten, lost “art”.

David Garrecht — Lack of certainty about what is true and what is false. Most other problems issue from this.

Anita Garnett — Close Minded Publications are the problem. I’m glad that I no longer subscribe to Yankee magazine…inferring that liberal politics can be a problem in asking the following question “Global climate change, decline of the family, liberal politics, apathy… What do you think is the most significant problem of the 21st century?” Poor choice on your behalf.

Lisa Hackett — I felt offended when I read your opening sentence about liberal politics being a concern. It changed my entire feeling about Yankee Mag. I may never look at the magazine again. Though I do consider myself a liberal, I don’t think it would have been appropriate to say that right-wing conservatives were a problem either. Not a good move on the magazine’s part.

Helen Dotts — The biggest problem faced in the USA today is THE PEOPLE! Instead of blaming the President for everything, all the time, take a look in the mirror and in your own thinking. Too easy to blame some one else. There is not a shred of real evidence to cause concern about global warming, the liberal agenda has destroyed the family with its free thinking attitude, Christians get blamed for all the good they do instead of the deserving praise. And yes! We do have those who wish to destroy the US and all it stands for. There has long been a policy in place to re-think what the country was founded upon and it was not what far too many would have us believe! Bring back God and leave G. W. Bush alone!

Jim Burns — I find it offensive and one-sided that your opening question would list liberal politics as a concern.The real problem is intolerant Christian conservatives who have systematically destroyed this country,harmed families and our system while enriching themselves and thinking like the Spanish inquisition.

Judy Ries — A huge problem is that there is no accountability.

Bill Roche — George W. Bush

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