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Speaking My Mind: What do you think is the most significant problem of the 21st century?

Speaking My Mind: What do you think is the most significant problem of the 21st century?
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by in Oct 2007

Gordon Osborne — I have to agree with Heather Janis. The Family, being the cornerstone of society, is very much under attack. Maintaining the Family should be our foremost goal in America for the 21st Century.

Lloyd Danforth — I think the most significant problem of the 21st century, particularly in the US, is that my ‘Baby Boomer’ compatriots are buying the same Government stories about the Mideast like they sold our parents about the Communist Domino Theory. The claims made that got us into Vietnam certainly changed our lives and today’s reaction to our government’s claim about terrorism is changing the lives of many Americans today, and not in a positive way.

Bess Clarke — The illegal immigrant invasion into this country. It’s astronomical and no one seems to care that our cities and towns are ever increasing with illegals.

DP — The biggest problem today is the “All for me & screw you” attitude that so many people seem to have.

Lisa White — Liberal Politics. What’s the point in rules and laws if they’re not followed and enforced? Too many individuals and organizations (corporations) just do what they want, right, wrong or indifferent, and without regard for others and consequences, and our elected officials endorse these behaviors. Too often good judgement and following the rules is cast aside. Where is that getting us? Higher taxes, fewer freedoms. Is this what we really want? I don’t.

Heather Janis — My biggest concern is the decline of the family. A person’s moral, spiritual, physical, and emotional backbone is their family; it is the foundation of society and we seem to be losing it.

Susan Sickler — The stupidity and apathy of the American people. We have allowed a monster to run our country for the last 8 years. He has run it right into the ground. Retail is down and will go down further. A lot of stores will be closing their doors. We had Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and probably Clinton again. That is 20 years worth. Americans need more choices. We need about 4 to 5 more parties to run. And what is it with a party anyway? Why can’t an individual run without being part of a “party”? We have a lot of problems in our own country and shouldn’t be trying to “fix” the problems of other countries until our own house is in order. We have kids killing kids. We have children without health care. We have young men giving their lives to what purpose? Our crime rate is higher than any other country.

We need people to run our country who are concerned with alternate energy supplies; with the future of its citizens; with employment; we can thank the predecessors of Bush for free trade and outsourcing. But it all began with Regan and was finally signed into being by Clinton. Most of our stuff comes from China. Wow. Lots of problems and we need smart and savvy people to fix and heal us.

John Rosenfelder — I am concerned about climate change.

Deb Bizzozero — Biggest problem of the 21st century: George W. Bush

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