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Speaking My Mind: Would you pay more for locally grown produce?

by in Sep 2007
Speaking My Mind: Would you pay more for locally grown produce?
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No name given — Absolutely! And usually the prices aren’t much different from the grocery stores. Fresh fruit and veggis always taste better from the farmers market and the folks are friendlier, and aren’t stressed out like at a grocery store. Even when I am out of town, I always search out the different communities farmer’s markets and help support their local growers.

Victor Fredette — Yes, we’d pay more for locally grown!!!

Dora Robertson — Yes, I would pay more for locally grown produce. It’s fresher and more of the food value is intact.

Raymond Ford — Yes, I would, and yes, I do.

Pearl Lance — I always buy local produce when I can. I look for farmers’ markets in my area and have come to know the local farmers by name. I also try to buy produce grown in the U.S. I feel our standards are much higher in the way crops are treated and grown here. Why should I buy imports when our farmers need all the help they can get?

American colonial — To answer your question, I would and DO pay more for locally grown produce with fewer food miles. That it’s grown with no or few chemicals is a bonus, as we prefer organic. However, too often, it’s a choice between organic with lots of food miles or locally grown. I feel fewer food miles is the lesser of the two evils between fading nutritional value versus chemicals.

Chris Worley — Yes! I would and DO gladly pay more for locally grown produce.

Terri Flynn — Absolutely buy locally. We have some farms nearby that run small family farmstands and also larger farm stores that sell their own produce and fruits. We also pick our own, which is a great way to spend the day. I like supporting local farms and businesses. I get not only great fresh produce, but meet my neighbors as well. I prefer local in season produce, the taste is so much better and you know where your food supply has come from.

Gail Merrill — I definitely do not mind paying more for locally grown produce. I think it is fresher, tastes better and I’m happy to know I’m supporting the “little” guy. I’d rather buy vegetables from the local stands than from the “super” stores that had their veggies sitting in a freight car for a few days!

Kelly Desarais — Within reason, I definitely would pay more for locally grown produce. I do a lot of cooking and appreciate the flavor and freshness of local produce. However, because I do cook so much, I have to work within a budget, so I can’t ignore cost entirely.

Dorothy K. Dosiak — Yes, I would pay more for local fresh produce. It’s certainly better tasting when it’s freshly harvested.

Harriet Bicksler — Yes, absolutely. I think it’s extremely important to support our farmers so that we can continue to save the land.

Marcia White — I already do pay more for locally grown produce. It’s fresher and for that reason has more taste. Swiss chard, cucumbers, and tomatoes are the best. I also buy apples at a nearby orchard.

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