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Speaking My Mind: Would you pay more for locally grown produce?

Deborah Wever-Gourd — Yes, I would pay more for locally grown produce. I believe in supporting the economy in my area if at all possible.

Patricia Ottino — Absolutely I would pay extra for locally grown food, especially organic.

Ray Narwid — Buying local produce is the best thing you can do during the season of the product –Jersey corn, tomatoes, blueberries, etc.

David Garrecht — Would I pay more for local produce? That depends. Who grew it? How well do they tend their crops? Do they need the money? How much more are they asking? Is it fresh-picked? (I’ve seen second-rate produce grown locally.)

Nancy Ebersole — Absolutely. It tastes better, the selection is better, and I support local businesses.

Dawn Ackley — Locally grown produce smells better and tastes better, and Cecilia, my 3-year-old, absolutely loves to pick it out at the farm stands. It’s worth more to me to see her make the connection between the farmer or farmland and the crops.

Frank Erickson — Due to the high cost of transportation, local produce should be cheaper.

Kenneth Tamsin — I would, without hesitation, buy locally grown produce. It would help the local economy and allow for fresher choices. A farmers’ market would be preferable. I worked one with my sister in Rhinebeck, NY, and it was the best. She raised beef for a local gentleman farmer, and I would go with her, bringing samples of particular cuts cooked various ways. We had a great time with the kids and other vendors. Also, I went home each day with a fresh cut of meat, local veggies, baked goods, wine, pies, and fruit. Nothing compares with a meal prepared with produce and goods from folks we got to know and love.

No name given — I would, and do when available, pay more for locally grown food, and also for organically grown food. I’ve seen a decrease in the prices, and an increase in the quality, of organically grown food over the years, so I’m hoping that my support will help this happen with locally grown food as well.

Patsy Onanian — I most certainly would and DO pay more for our wonderful farmers’ produce! There’s nothing better than enjoying a juicy tomato, fresh native corn, and cukes! Best of all, we’re supporting our local friends who work hard every day to help feed our tables. God bless you all.

Roberta Browning — I gladly pay more for locally grown food.

Kevin Brooks — We would pay more for locally grown produce IF a family farmer grew it and received the proceeds, not a middleman or corporate farm.

Charles Cotsis — Would I pay more for home grown produce? Yes, I would and I DO. I can understand why it may cost more due to the fact that it costs the farmer more to operate his business. It is especially labor intensive and time consuming for them; very early morning preperations and late in the day clean ups……. all I have to do is walk up to the produce stand, pick and choose whatever variety of fresh produce that is available to me. You’re darn right it costs more…….but it’s worth it! Thanks for letting me put in my two cents worth …. …cheap.


Janet Carlson — I honestly don’t know if my supermarket sells locally grown produce. I visit the Aiken Farmer’s Market every weekend, where I find everything from fresh greens and butter beans, to organic milk and free range chicken eggs. The locals sell cheese and preserves, baked goods, and home crafts. I would indeed pay more for good quality produce, if I had to, though. Thanks to these farmer’s markets popping up all over the place, a lot of us need not worry about extra expense for quality fruits and veggies.

Kathleen Benttinen — I would definitely pay more for local produce. There’s nothing like fresh vegetables to keep you healthy especially as a senior citizen. It is so important to eat a diet rich in healthy, fresh, fruits and vegetables. I only wish that lovely diner was in my neighborhood because I would be a frequent diner.

Updated Monday, August 20th, 2007

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