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Bevin Bros. Manufacturing Company | Where the Bells Ring On

Bevin Bros. Manufacturing Company | Where the Bells Ring On
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For now it’s all Matt can do to keep the factory running. After two years, he’s weeded out many of the inefficiencies and feels as though he’s stopped the bleeding. “I don’t know if we’ll thrive,” he adds. “But to survive and then do better than survive, that’s really what I’m striving to do.”

For Matt this isn’t just about keeping the family legacy going; it’s about digging in and defying the odds. He speaks of himself alternatively as the Dutch boy with his finger in the dike and as a contrarian businessman with his thumb in the eye of convention. “We might end up being the last company in America making something, and if we are, good,” he says coolly. “But I’m determined to at least get to our 200th anniversary. I’ve got 22 years to go.”

It’s impossible to know whether Matt has a chance of reaching that goal, and only time will tell whether he’ll be remembered as a visionary or as a stubborn businessman standing in the way of history. But what we do know is that in one small New England factory, he’s writing a different story. It’ll be interesting to see whether it catches on.

To learn more: Bevin Bros. Manufacturing Co., East Hampton, CT. 860-267-4431;

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