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What Ever Happened to Daphne?

What Ever Happened to Daphne?
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In April of 2001 Daphne was promoted by Critical Insights, a strategic marketing-research firm in Portland that is one of the nation’s leading researchers for antismoking advertising campaigns. For the first time she would be full-time, benefits and all. “I saw her potential,” says Nancy Harman, Information Center director. “She was so versatile. Obviously superior. Not only was she a good interviewer, but she could edit, code, and enter data.”A few weeks before Daphne’s high-school classmates will gather in Houlton for their reunion, I phone Daphne. She says she won’t be going. “I still can’t drive,” she explains. I can’t go to my reunion having my mother drive me.”

“Every time I speak with her, her voice sounds more assured. “I’m sure I won’t be rich and famous,” she says. “I hope I can just be friendly. I envision all these people coming to me and saying, ‘Daphne, you didn’t really achieve what we thought, did you?’ And I’d like to say, ‘No, but I love my cat. Here’s where I am and I’m happy with me.’ ”

“You know,” she says. “The 20th reunion is the important one. That’s when our lives are more formed. I’ll be there for that one.”

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