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Vermont: Old School

Vermont: Old School
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Granite State Paranormal

A case in point is an investigation at an old school in Vermont. Legend has it that a janitor
who passed away in the 1930s had been seen and heard in the

“One of my guys went over there,” Jim Snell said, “and was walking around doing Electronic Voice Phenomena work. One
question he asked was ‘Do you know that you’re dead?’ The spirit
answered back, ‘I’m still breathing.’ ”

Jim returned to the school a few weeks later with a group from Vermont called VAPORS. “One of the girls and I had walked twenty feet down the hallway, and we noticed that the door to the bathroom was open,” Jim said. “They had one of those infrared triggering devices on the wall panel near the inside of the door. So we checked the area between the door and whatever it was that set it off. We determined that you had to
go a ways inside the bathroom to set it off. There was no way out
of the bathroom, so whatever was triggering the motion detector
was still in there.”

Jim and the young woman walked through the
building to a different location where they could still see the room,
and they asked the spirit to do it again, and the light came back on.
Still, Jim is unwilling to cite this incident as definite proof of the
paranormal because, after all, a motion detector is an electronic
device and therefore is prone to malfunction. “It could be a coincidence
too,” Jim adds.

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