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Lobster Trivia | New England by the Numbers

Lobster Trivia | New England by the Numbers
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number of times a lobster sheds its shell during the first five years of life

estimated number of calories in a typical 3-ounce serving of lobster

feet and inches: length of the world’s longest lobster roll, containing 48 pounds of meat, recorded at the Old Port Festival in Portland in 2009

million pounds: total Maine lobster catch in 2010

million pounds: est. total U.S. lobster catch in 2010

number of lobsters consumed by record holder Sonya Thomas in 12 minutes at a contest in Kennebunkport in 2005

lobstermen working Maine’s waters in 2010

tons of lobster meat served from mid-April to mid-October 2010 in Wiscasset at Red’s Eats, Maine’s most famous lobster shack

miles: longest recorded distance (Gulf of Maine to Nantucket) that a tagged lobster has ever traveled

million: estimated average annual worth of Maine’s lobster industry

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