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Bottom Rockets
Somewhat related to the shovel-sled (second cousins, mother’s side), these plastic contraptions are like hard hats for your butt. They range from form-fitting to paddle-shaped, and one version is actually built into a pair of slip-on shorts. Go figure.Chariots of Fiberglass
Modern variations on the toboggan tend to be smaller, one-person affairs made of the same material found in food-storage containers (polywolyvinylfredandethylchloride), and they’re just about as sturdy. Caveat vector. (“Let the passenger beware.”)

Slip-Sliding Away
The flexible plastic roll-up sled was designed for cheapness and portability, not speed or control. Sure, it slides fairly well, but so do you–right off the sheet. On the other hand, you can always chop vegetables on it.

A Leak of Your Own
Somebody thought plastic inflatable sleds were a good idea–probably the same person who invented those singing-fish wall plaques. Designed to look cool, most of these dirigibles have the aerodynamic efficiency of an eggplant … except that eggplants don’t spring a leak if you go over a rock. Leave the blow-up toys at the beach.

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