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Sportswriter Jackie MacMullan | The Big Question

Sportswriter Jackie MacMullan | The Big Question
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“Red never changed, but we became close friends. When I started covering the Celtics in 1988, they were great, too. They liked to tease me, but they teased everyone. Bird, McHale, Parish, K.C. Jones — they were fair and just wanted to see what you could do.”In the early 1990s a local story involving a female Boston Herald reporter named Lisa Olson made people ask all over again: ‘Should women be allowed in the locker room?’ I couldn’t believe it.

“Everybody started taking sides, and it led to one of my worst moments as a professional. I was outside the Yankees clubhouse when this fan started heckling me: ‘Are you Lisa Olson? Huh, are you? You slut.’ I grabbed him and screamed, ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’

“I just had had it. Luckily somebody pulled me off him, but I just felt like, hadn’t we already proved ourselves? It’s hard to explain to the younger Globe reporters I work with. They’ve never walked into a place where there’s only one of them.

“The one thing I had in my favor was my name. A lot of people thought I was a guy, which so saved me. It gave me a chance to have a chance. I might meet somebody after years of talking to him on the phone and he’d look at me like, ‘What — you’re not a guy!’ ”

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