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New England by the Numbers | Pilgrims

New England by the Numbers | Pilgrims
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pilgrim35 million
Americans who claim descent from the original 102 Pilgrims

original colonists who survived that first New England winter, 1620-21

homes erected by colonists by the end of 1621, their first full year at Plymouth Colony

feet (and 7 inches): height of the 99-year-old Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA

gallons of beer loaded aboard the Mayflower for passengers and crew

years: lifespan of Plymouth Colony before its merger with Massachusetts Bay Colony

streets in Provincetown, MA, the Pilgrims’ first New World landing, named after original Mayflower passengers

year the Mayflower II, a solid oak replica ship, and its crew retraced the Pilgrims’ original Atlantic journey

annual visitors to Plimoth Plantation

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  1. Joan Jellison December 10, 2009 at 2:54 pm #

    What are the names of the 10 streets named after Pilgrims?

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