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So You Want to Run a B&B?

So You Want to Run a B&B?
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“By the time I get up here, my head is just spinning,” she says. Around her is the chaos of a personal life neither she nor Dan have had time to address. The piles of books, the scattered papers, the still-unpacked look of the place, are in striking contrast to the clean order that defines the rest of the inn. Down in the basement, there’s a whole area of filled boxes and suitcases that the couple hasn’t had the chance to sort through in the three years since they bought the inn.As Dan finishes up his own piece of pie, Penny puts her full focus on her laptop. There are credit-card payments to sift through and expenses to organize for the accountant. Then someone will have to take care of the last bit of kitchen cleanup.

By the time they’re done for the day, it’s past 10:00. Dan and Penny are exhausted and require sleep. They’ll need it: 6:00 a.m. will be here before they know it.

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Lucille rines


Lucille rines

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