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Mary's Farm: Dancing in the Dark

Mary’s Farm: Dancing in the Dark
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“I let them dance a bit,” he added, and paused a little before he went on. “And then I flipped on the blues! You never saw barefoot boys move so fast. They dove right into the water. I went down there and tried to wait them out, spent about an hour there, but they outlasted me. I never found them.”
We knew that pond, haven to snapping turtles and water snakes. I wondered which was worse: a prolonged immersion in those black waters, standing stock still, or being taken in for exotic dancing on a dirt road.

That was probably 20 years ago now, and those boys are men, probably fathers. I wonder whether they ever think back on that night of revelry and tell their story, as I do, or whether they blush at their imprudence and ask for forgiveness.

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One Response to Mary’s Farm: Dancing in the Dark

  1. annie Gloss July 13, 2008 at 7:40 am #

    LOL…I bet they laugh when remembering it and enjoy the memory as much as they enjoyed the dance! ;)

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