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Pizza Recipes for Grown-Ups

Pizza Recipes for Grown-Ups
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Bottoms Up: When making pizza in a conventional oven, use a baking stone or unglazed quarry tiles (available at flooring stores). If you have a gas oven, line the bottom with tiles, leaving about an inch around the perimeter. In an electric oven, move the rack to the lowest rung and place tiles on top. Be sure to use a sprinkling of flour or cornmeal to prevent the crust from sticking or burning.
The Peel Deal: Whether wood or metal, a giant, long-handled flat spatula — a pizza peel — is the perfect tool for handling pies. If you love pizza making, it’s worth the expense.

Grate Pizza: When the weather allows, cook pizza on your gas grill. Heat it to medium-high and place the lightly floured dough directly onto a clean grate. If you’re precooking the dough before topping it, do three to four minutes per side, until it’s firm and brown. If you’re cooking with toppings, reduce heat to medium, close the grill, and bake the pizza as you would in a conventional oven.


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