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Glass artists Jennifer and David Clancy

Glass artists Jennifer and David Clancy
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Why all this passion to build a singularly unusual space? “Houses today look the same, with the same furniture and accessories,” says Jennifer. “I can look at a picture in a home-decorating magazine and say, ‘That’s Ikea,’ or ‘That’s Target.’ We’re not snobs, and we go to those places, too. But when David brings home a lamp from The Home Depot, he takes it apart and paints it … to make it our own.”
Brightening the interior of the cottage are examples of the Clancys’ glass creations, made in their new 600-square-foot glassblowing studio, where a kiln roars and rumbles while putting out as much as 2,000 degrees of heat. And that brings us back to where we began — the windmill.

“That windmill is inspirational — our sentinel on the hill,” says Jennifer. “Just like the windmill tries to harness the wind, we are trying to harness the fire. Working with wind and fire is so elemental to our lives. It’s a good neighbor.”

With the major interior and exterior work done on the house, the couple has every right to kick back and lounge on their patio. But then again, maybe not.

“I’m a workaholic,” says David. “If I’m not working on the house, I’m working on the landscape. Right now, I’m putting all the old stone walls back together, and then I want to build a pond, and then….”

“It is our goal to eventually make every spot on our property special,” adds Jennifer. “We want everything to be worthy of taking a moment there — to slow life down, look at the view, look inward, and smell the roses, so to speak.”

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