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House for Sale in Concord, Massachusetts | A Concord Jam Session

House for Sale in Concord, Massachusetts | A Concord Jam Session
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Later on the day of our visit to Grapevine Cottage, we drove down the Battle Road to the famous Old North Bridge and contemplated the always-moving first stanza of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem, inscribed on the obelisk across the bridge from the Minute Man statue there. We could still remember it from our long-ago school days:
By the rude bridge that arched the flood
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled
Here once the embattled farmers stood
And fired the shot heard round the world.

Then, on a whim, we decided to visit the grave of Ephraim Wales Bull in Concord’s Sleepy Hollow Ceme­tery nearby. We’d been told that his gravestone has an unusual inscription. We found it easily, just down from Authors’ Ridge, where the graves of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Alcotts, the Thoreaus, and the Hawthornes are located. And, sure enough, the inscription reads, “He sowed—others reaped.” Poor Ephraim. Apparently the father of the Concord grape died a relatively poor man; never received credit for his part in the creation of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, either. But at least, in Concord’s newly juvenated Grapevine Cottage, his place in the history of American food will remain secure forever.

To see more work by Platt Buiilders of Groton, MA –  the talented craftsmen who transformed this beautiful house — go to:

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