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House for Sale: Everybody Loves a Waterfall ...

House for Sale: Everybody Loves a Waterfall …
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Bob told us he grew up here, starting at age 5, and attended a nearby one-room schoolhouse that is no more. So, we wondered, with that sort of emotional connection, why sell? Well, turns out the answer is that for health reasons, Bob now needs to live in a dry climate–something like New Mexico or Arizona. And for sure, Hardwick, Vermont, has never been accused of having “a dry climate.” Well, okay–how much?

“For everything,” he answered, “$1,700,000. That includes the house, barns, 45 acres, the waterfalls, gazebo, grandstand, gardens, tent, tables, and oodles of stuff like lawnmowers, tractors, and you-name-it stashed away in those barns.” Sure, lots of value there, we thought, but perhaps we momentarily blanched a hair at that figure. “Look,” Bob said quickly, “Donald Trump’s waterfall at his Florida golf course supposedly cost him $8 million. Same for Oprah Winfrey’s. And not long ago, the State of Vermont paid about $1,600,00 for two waterfalls–one in Stowe, the other in Warren–and neither one had any buildings or anything. Just the falls alone.”

Well, all that did make his price sound okay to us. And after all, there’s no question that everybody–like, everybody–loves a waterfall.

To book a wedding or just visit the falls, call 802-472-5486 or go to Bob Edebohls’ Web site: For details on the property, contact Sharon Moore at Sally Pratt Real Estate, Lancaster, NH. 800-371-2131, 802-249-1314 (cell);


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