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How to Make an Ice Lantern | A Fun Winter Craft

How to Make an Ice Lantern | A Fun Winter Craft
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Learning how to make an ice lantern takes a bit more time than constructing a lantern made of snow, but they last a long time if you don’t get a thaw. These sparkling ice lanterns cast a lovely light and are worth the extra work.

Learn how to make an ice lantern following these step-by-step instructions.

Materials to Make an Ice Lantern

  • a five gallon bucket
  • a two-liter plastic soda bottle
  • a sharp craft knife and scissors
  • a weight that will fit inside the bottle — a rock, chunk of brick, anything that weighs about three pounds will do.

Instructions to Make an Ice Lantern

1. Fill the bucket with about 4 inches of cold water and set on a level surface someplace outdoors. (Locating one of these in the middle of winter may be the hardest thing about making ice lanterns. The back porch is probably not as flat as you think.) Let it freeze solid.

ice-lantern-1Photo/Art by Alan Witschonke

2. Cut a small horizontal slit in the bottle an inch above the label (just above where it starts to taper). Using the slit as a start, cut off the top of the bottle with scissors and discard.

ice-lantern-2Photo/Art by Alan Witschonke

3. Set the soda bottle in the center of the bucket on the frozen bottom layer of ice and put the weight in the bottle. Add about 2 inches of water , being careful not to get any in the bottle.

ice-lantern-3Photo/Art by Alan Witschonke

4. When the second layer is frozen hard, add water to come within an inch of the top of the bottle. Again, make sure none gets inside the bottle.

5. Allow the water to freeze. At 0° F it will freeze overnight. You’ll know it’s done if you tilt the bucket and don’t hear any liquid sloshing from within it.

ice-lantern-4Photo/Art by Alan Witschonke

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