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Make Custom Cake Plates | Inspired Ideas

Make Custom Cake Plates | Inspired Ideas
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Here’s something different: There was no multitiered wedding cake at the last reception we attended. The bride was Kate, daughter of our friends Meg and Gerry, and she opted for fancy cupcakes instead. Her mother and sister decided that those lovely little treats would look great on special china, so they crafted a variety of custom cake plates, each with a different style and character.

At the reception, every table was graced with two unique serving pieces stacked high with the desserts. The presentation was fun, pretty, and definitely a conversation starter among the wedding guests.

I loved the plates and asked Meg how she’d made them. Then, with my two children, 12-year-old Megan and 14-year-old Patrick–and our Christmas list in mind–I set out to hunt for dozens of plates and pedestals, new and antique. By the end of our marathon craft session, we’d produced 18 dishes, each matching the personality of one of our loved ones and the décor of his or her home.

Whether as holiday gifts or as serving pieces for special occasions, these pedestal dishes are fun, beautiful, and unique–and they come with that personal touch.

Here’s how …

1. Select a ceramic plate–any design, style, or color that appeals.

2. For the base, select a candlestick, dessert dish, shot glass, or other sturdy, pedestal-like shape. Make sure it’s strong and wide enough to provide adequate balance (you don’t want the plate to tip while you’re arranging food on it).

3. Buy some clear ceramic epoxy at your local hardware store. Read the directions so that you’ll know how to mix and apply it correctly and safely.

4. Put on your latex gloves. Using a Popsicle stick or a tongue depressor, mix the epoxy on a paper plate or other disposable surface. Use a small amount at a time, enough for just two applications.

5. Dip the top of the candlestick or other pedestal item into the epoxy puddle and use the Popsicle stick or tongue depressor to spread it–evenly, and not too thickly (to avoid a lopsided look).

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  1. Marjorie D\'Annunzio November 30, 2010 at 5:40 pm #

    Very good idea. I will pass it along to my Grand-Daughter who is an event planner

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