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Autumn Serving Tray | Autumn Crafts

Autumn Serving Tray | Autumn Crafts
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Autumn Serving TrayPhoto/Art by Matthew MeadThis fall-foliage-theme tray is perfect for serving coffee, cider, or breakfast in bed. You will need:

2 sheet of leaves — choose from yellow leaves, red leaves, or brown leaves.
3 sheets of textured background
1 frame, 181/8” L x 141/8” W x 13/8” H
1 bottle autumn-gold acrylic paint
Mod Podge sealer/glue
foam paintbrushes
ruler and pencil
drill fitted with 1/4-inch bit
2 handles with screws
window cleaner and soft cloth

Directions to Assemble Autumn Serving Tray

1) Gather Leaves and Backgrounds

Download them using the links above and print. Use sharp scissors to cut out several leaves; then set them aside.

2) Take the Frame Apart

Place the glass and backing in a safe place and give the frame a coat of autumn-gold acrylic paint. Let dry thoroughly and repeat.

3) Make the Surface of the Tray

Paint the frame backing completely with Mod Podge. Piece and place textured background to cover the surface completely. Brush the back of each leaf with Mod Podge and place randomly on the tray surface, with leaf points arrayed in different directions. Let dry thoroughly.

4) Attach Handles

Measure the shorter edges of the frame and place pencil marks where the screws for the handles will go. Drill the holes. Place handles over holes and secure with screws.

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