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Witch Hazel and Shrubs | Real Solutions

Witch Hazel and Shrubs | Real Solutions
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A member of the dogwood family, cornelian cherry has been favored for centuries, particularly in Europe, for its tasty fruit, eaten fresh or processed into syrup, juice, wine, and preserves. It’s commonly propagated by seed, so the species’ berry-producing traits may vary from plant to plant. A number of superior cultivars (including ‘Golden Glory’, ‘Redstone’, and ‘Macrocarpa’) have been selected for desirable features. Those chosen for their fruit produce copious numbers of edible berries that mature to a bright-red color in late summer and fall.

Cornus mas is native to Europe and adaptable to most conditions in New England, winter-hardy to zone 4. Its most striking feature is its spectacular display of yellow flowers every April, signaling the beginning of spring and rivaling any forsythia. A Cary Award winner ( and available at most garden centers, it’s a pest-free, season-expanding plant for almost any landscape.

R. Wayne Mezitt, Chairman, Weston Nurseries, Hopkinton, MA

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