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Of Sick Dogs, Of Mad Dogs

Of Sick Dogs, Of Mad Dogs
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This morning, I got up at 5 and made the special chicken and rice dish that she likes so much. I got up to the vet’s in Vermont just as they were opening up and the night guy said as I came through the door: “she is a little better! But she still can’t walk.” He was so sweet, clearly invested in her progress. I went to her spot (they have nice facilities with nice warm fleece inside a stainless steel pod. I felt like climbing in). When she saw me, she raised herself up on her two front legs and I could see her tail was wagging! That was a huge improvement over yesterday. I dished out some of the chicken mix and she wolfed it down. I reached in and picked her up, gingerly as she is so tender all over, and carried her outside. I set her down. She was very wobbly but after some effort, she stood up and then she walked! This is huge because she hasn’t done that in a few days and hasn’t peed or pooped as a result. This time, she did her business right away. Major progress. The night guy was watching from the door and he shouted, “All RIGHT!!” and clapped his hands. She walked all the way out to the car on her own steam and then we sat in the back seat for a little while together, which is how I’ve been visiting her. Harriet greeted her enthusiastically, nose to nose. One of the vets drove in just then and she and her dog got out and came over. (They all bring their dogs in with them so it’s like a zoo in there.) She was so excited! And then Mayday growled at the dog. That was major major progress! Mayday walked all the way back to the vet’s office then I had to return her to her little spot and leave her but very happily thinking that she had turned a corner. They told me to call later in the day to talk with Andrea, who wasn’t in yet.

Later Friday

Talked with Andrea. She said Mayday is not out of the woods yet but things are looking a lot better. I might be able to bring her home tomorrow. I have to call in the morning. Of course, I will be counting the hours.


I brought Mayday home today! It’s quite remarkable as, just last Thursday morning, they were telling me they didn’t hold much hope for her. She was almost lifeless. When I went to get her today, even though the clinic was closed, I was greeted by some amazed workers who have been caring for her and they acted a bit like they had had a visitation from the Virgin Mary or seen the risen Christ! That Mayday, she is like that, quite a mysterious gal. So now she is resting on her little throne on the back of the couch and Harriet is anxious to harrass her but I’ve separated them. At least for a few days. Mayday still has a bit of a limp on her but she is very anxious to be back into her routine and back with her real life. They never did conclude anything about what was wrong with her. But eventually they began treating her for Lyme Disease even though she tested negative (not reliable, those tests!). And that is when she perked up. They put her on doxicycline which is the standard Lyme treatment and the improvement was fast and quite remarkable. She has a shine in her eyes again.

Five days later

Mayday has been home five days now and is back to normal, playing with Harriet (when she feels like it, snapping at her when she doesn’t), eating hungrily and going for walks. Yesterday, I spent the whole day outside splitting up wood for the coming winter. Three cord is piled now. The whole time, Mayday wandered in the field, sniffing, eating grasses, chasing crows. This is her life. And hopefully that will continue to be so for some time.


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2 Responses to Of Sick Dogs, Of Mad Dogs

  1. K Lech October 19, 2009 at 12:40 pm #

    I read this story with tears in my eyes, thinking the worst but hoping for the best! I’m so glad she is getting better! Oh, the drama our little pets put us through!

  2. Jeff P October 21, 2009 at 6:58 pm #

    Edie, I’m so relieved to hear that Mayday is back to her old dog ways! Our animals are not our pets; they are our family.

    Warmest regards,

    Jeff P

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