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Dear Yankee

Dear Yankee
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by in May 2007

Speaking My Mind

Quabbin’s Secret

Your article “Secret Places” (March/April) shows the beauty of the Quabbin Reservation. Hidden beneath pictures and words lie the four doomed towns from which 2,500 inhabitants were forced to relocate and 7,561 bodies required reinterment in other cemeteries. My paternal grandparents lived in Greenwich (one of the flooded towns) and raised five children. The sacrifice of all the inhabitants will not be forgotten. This was an early act of eminent domain, which shows the power of law to devastate lives

Virginia Hall, Boulder, CO

Family Ties

My heart was so touched by Thom Rock’s story, “Baby Boy #3331″ (March/April). I’m still dabbing away the tears. My parents were my birth parents, and they were wonderful and loving. My dad died of cancer when I was young. Mr. Rock wrote so beautifully about his birth mom and his situation. I hope one day he finds Rosalie and the circle can be completed for both of them.

Donna Skjeveland, Holbrook, NY

The piece by Thom Rock (“Baby Boy #3331″) was pretty difficult for me to read. My mother gave up a baby for adoption in 1944. My half-brother, Joe, contacted me 15 years ago. He was on a search for his birth mother and birth family. The story has a very happy ending, thank God. I wish the best for the author.

Corinne Roberts, Topsfield, MA

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