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Dear Yankee

Dear Yankee
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by in Sep 2007

Law & Order

Your comment about traffic ticket revenue in Brighton, Vermont (“By the Numbers,” May/June), was a cheap shot. The town’s speed limits are appropriate, and signs are posted clearly. If the state police had the available manpower to ticket just one per day of the many drivers who speed through our tiny village, the total could easily top Brighton’s. Your comment was: “Can you say ‘speed trap’?” My response is: “Can you say ‘law enforcement’?”
Peggy Gray, East Charleston, VT

Sharing the Honors

Our thanks to Yankee reader Jessica G. Waugh of Provincetown, Massachusetts, for pointing out that although Plymouth’s National Monument to the Forefathers (“By the Numbers,” May/June) is the tallest freestanding solid-granite monument in the U.S. (81 feet), the nation’s tallest all-granite structure is her hometown’s 252-foot Pilgrim Monument (though its interior isn’t solid — visitors may climb the interior stairs). It commemorates the Pilgrims’ first landing and celebrated its 100th birthday this past summer.

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