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Dear Yankee

Dear Yankee
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by in Nov 2006

I read the story about Mr. Tuohey, and I could feel his pain and guilt. Please tell him for me that it was not his fault. He did his job — there was not any way he could have known what those men had planned. I pray he will feel peace.
Betty Reynolds, Albany, GA

To Mr. Tuohey: We are all human and therefore vulnerable. Not one of the passengers or people at the twin towers would deny you peace. Denying peace to yourself makes (the terrorists) a step ahead of the game — do not forget that the war is psychological, too. It takes a godly man to see evil for what it really is, and the war is not over.

Please try to remember that you are not the evil one — you are more than that one horrible day. You have proven to be strong and good. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve.

Joyce L. White, Coburn Gore, ME

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