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Frequently Asked Questions for Yankee Magazine's "My Hometown" Photo Contest

Frequently Asked Questions for Yankee Magazine’s “My Hometown” Photo Contest
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How do you define hometown?

It may be your adopted hometown or the town you grew up in. Your hometown also needs to be located in one of the 6 New England states (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut).

What is an entry?

An entry consists of a single photograph or a series of up to 5 photographs.

Is there a limit to the number of photos that I can enter?

Yes. You may enter up to 5 photographs, but please do not send duplicate submissions.

What format should I submit my digital photographs?

You should submit JPEG images saved with max quality compression with a minimum long dimension of 1,000 pixels at 72 to 300 dpi. We suggest uploading images that are less than 10 megabytes in file size and 2100×2100 pixels in dimensions. Should your image be chosen as a finalist, you must be able to provide Yankee with a print quality hi-res file of your photograph. Failure to provide a usable file for print will disqualify you from the contest.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be contacted by November 15, 2012 and announced in the March/April 2013 issue of Yankee Magazine.

Who owns the photographs?

You retain copyright to your photographs. Entries may be posted online and winning entries, which may include runner up selections, will also appear in print in connection with the contest. may also reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works from and otherwise use the photographs for any purpose, in any form, and on any media. Any photograph submitted will include a photographer credit as feasible.

May I be asked to provide signed model release forms?

Yes, for any photograph where an individual is clearly identified.

Download a model release form.

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