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Randy Spencer, Master Maine Guide, Grand Lake Stream, Maine

Randy Spencer, Master Maine Guide, Grand Lake Stream, Maine
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Randy Spencer sits on the porch of his 80-year-old log camp on the shores of West Grand Lake in eastern Maine, and points to a rocky promontory just beyond the guest cottage. “That’s Moot Point over there,” he quips. That’s the kind of humor you might expect from a fishing guide who’s also a singer, composer, and writer — someone who built a recording studio in his Grand Lake Stream house “before I had plumbing.”

A Master Maine Guide since 1998, his clients range from artists and writers to Federal Reserve bankers. Among the great pleasures of the job: taking city folks into the wilds and watching them open up and see for the first time the intricate woods around them. “I don’t know whether it’s because it’s so decompressed or because you’re so removed and out in the wilderness, but I’ve seen people undergo transformations,” Randy explains. “Honesty seems to take over.”


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