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Ski Tips for Kids

Ski Tips for Kids
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Then I was going to explain:

  • Pizza = wedge or snowplow
  • French fries = skis parallel
  • Peanut butter and jelly = when sidestepping up the hill, one foot is peanut butter, the other is jelly
  • Hot chocolate = inside when all else fails

Of course, my ideals were quite high for this younger set, but my nephew said it best when he explained to his grandma and grandpa his technique to schuss down the mountain with phrasing I am sure we will repeat around the Christmas dinner table for years to come.

“You put your hands on your knees and your bum in the air.”

In my nephew’s case, his “bum” goes straight up toward the sky, while his head sort of points toward the snow. That is actually not the proper technique to ski, but for a two and ½ year old who is playing outside in the snow, and walking on the snow with his little plastic skis, it is the perfect technique, especially while he and everyone around him is having so much fun. And that is probably the most important tip when teaching very little kids to ski. Have fun.

Check out Snowmonsters and Winter Feels Good for fun ideas to teach kids to ski.


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2 Responses to Ski Tips for Kids

  1. james Tasse March 1, 2008 at 6:44 pm #

    Ten years since you taught a lesson?! I could have sworn I skied with you at Killington around 2003. . . There’s a good South Park episode dealing with the pizza/french fries approach, but I’ve never heard of the peanut butter and jelly thing. . .

  2. Heather Atwell March 3, 2008 at 10:27 am #

    Ten years since I taught a KIDS lesson. I retired from adult lessons five years ago.
    The peanut butter jelly thing is just something you say out loud when you step the skis to kids. It does not really mean anything, just reminds the kids to keep moving.

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