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Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 17

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 17
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There are many reasons why Okemo has been a good place to be this winter. We’ve had epic snow and beautiful days bathed in sunlight. But each time I was asked on the chair lift, “So what’s it like working here?” I replied that it was the people, more than anything else, that made it fulfilling. And since this will be my final entry for the winter, I want to remember them here. Everyone that I have met this winter will continue to shape who I am for the better, even as the snow turns to snaking streams cascading down the rocks of Okemo, I will remember the laughs, fierce chills, uncertainties, and successes that we all shared.

So here’s a goodbye and thanks to:
Charlie: My competition for food and a source of lots of laughter, usually at my expense. But I’ll never look at roofs quite the same, either…

Ben N.: Long jumper extraordinaire, telemark skier of death-defying skills, announcer in hiding, and scientific philosopher. A good conversation was never far away.

Beno: Master of poker and helping people at the Jackson Gore Rental Shop. You made snowboarding aesthetically cool, so I tried it and failed miserably.

Chuck: Clearly skilled on the board, and equally skilled as a leprechaun dispatcher. And Sean Connery lurks somewhere within you, which is pretty epic as well.

Noah: Discussed the awesomeness of pints of Ben & Jerry’s at length. You allowed me to learn countless things without feeling stupid. And most of all, you showed me how Okemo is a home, albeit a colder one than mine [didn't think that was possible, either].

Ben “Firetruck” M.: Elite driving skills, an impeccable taste in music, and endless enthusiasm about everything. Just a heck of a lot of fun to be around. Whenever I hear a siren, I’ll probably look around for you.

Kara: One of my housemates, sharing in the struggles of a frigid abode and rising for the day’s happenings in darkness. You worked hard, and it showed. You made tremendous progress, and made me realize that whatever I struggle with in life, I can work through it as you did.

Ben “Lemon” T.: With us for training, you made the room lighter in a good way. Your energy raised everyone’s to a new level. Especially on those days of endless backboard training in the harsh summit winds, you helped us get through it.

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