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Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 17

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 17
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Jimbo: One of our OEC teachers, and fellow patroller. It was not only the amount that I learned from you that was impressive, but the way in which you taught. Learning was fun and I actually read everything in the book for the first time. Don’t tell my college professors about that. . .

Tom: Our other awesome teacher, and duster-wearing patroller. If you were in trouble, Tom could probably help, in the bluntest way possible. But that’s a good thing.

Tim: Your homemade stews were exquisite, and your ability to make us all laugh our hearts out unmatchable. Whenever you spoke in the hut, I knew it was going to be good, and I listened intently. And your snowmobile skills, I think, are pretty impressive too. After all, I’m pretty sure you never rolled your sled. . .whereas I might know of a few others that did.

Jeff: You charged it while skiing, and were the calmest voice on the radio while assisting a patient. In attempting to mimic your sense of calm, I became more relaxed on accident scenes, and became a better patroller. Oh, and your mustache is probably going to win an award for best mustache ever. . .but you already know that.

Rob: Although you began the season with a toasted knee, you ended up ripping the heck out of the mountain and showing it the true way of the telemarker. Your good humor and cheer illuminated the hut when we needed it most, and your ability to raise the stoke was unparalleled.

Aaron: You fixed the refrigerator door to open the correct way. That allowed me to access tasty things easier, which I will forever be in your debt for doing. Persuaded me to begin a “no snow-spray list,” which was probably a smart idea. . .and led to a better plan for self-preservation. But I’ll always remember my trip down To Snowtrak fondly. Also, you’re the best skier on the mountain.

Chris: Hard to hear on the radio, but always had something good to say. So I cranked up the volume, only to have my ears violated by the next person to speak. Also inspired me to get muffins on more than one occasion. . ..

Ryan: When my legs were suffering during the first snowplow tests you rallied me on. Yes, I still had to repeat that first test because I stopped to look at the view, but it was good to have your support. And that support was always there, and it was very helpful in all aspects of patrolling. Also congrats on being the poker world champion.

Michelle: You helped me speed things up, way back in the beginning. I remember taking forever to do a trail check, until you gently nudged me along, and after that point I realized I could move faster on my openings. So thank you for that friendly kick, it served me well all season.

Eric: Although I didn’t get to ski with you, I hear you are quite legendary on the slopes. But the many times I saw you in the First Aid room, you always helped my patients tremendously. Even that guy that talked 1000 words per second. . .remember him? Maybe next time we’ll put the ice on his face. . .

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