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Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 17

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 17
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Bob: We may have had some differences in terms of squirrels, but it’s okay. I understand and respect your intention to provide for the birds of Okemo, rather than for the greedy squirrels. . .But you know they are cute. Uh oh, I might have to hide after saying that. . .

Mike: A strong leader, able to command our foolish natures and redirect us to better ends. But you also didn’t hesitate to have fun yourself, which is just as important.

Jim: You care a lot about patrol and Okemo, and it showed all winter. Whether it was reminding us that we were doing a good job, or reminding us we needed to perk up a bit, your words always had a good effect on us.

I could say countless more things about countless more individuals, but that is not for these pages. This was just a place to remember but a thing or two and I know it is inadequate, and it is not enough. There will never be a place, though, that can adequately capture my experiences of the winter with my many co-workers and friends. Somewhere on the snow-covered slopes of Okemo there remains a part of each of us, there remains the sound of laughter echoing over the headwall of Screamin’ Demon, or on the pitches of Eclipse, or perhaps the base of the Solitude lift. But really, it’s everywhere, at least for me — that sound of enjoyment, of contentment, of time well spent, and of a job well done.

Okemo continues to be open. Go to for latest conditions.

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