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Speaking My Mind: What is your pet worth?

Speaking My Mind: What is your pet worth?
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by in May 2007

I have three cats and have been the proud “parent” of many cats and dogs. My pets are companions and furred family members. They give love and friendship that has no price tag. In life, a gift such as that is truly priceless.

All I can say is, before I agreed to marry my husband, I told him, “Love me, love my cat!” We have now been married almost 33 years and at present, are the obedient servants to 6 of those wonderful, furry felines! Ah, true love!!!!!

My pets (I have many) mean the world to me. They are company, love, solace, and joy in my life. I love them as family. I take care of them, even if it means going above and beyond. I have animals who are on daily medication. I have had corrective surgery performed, at tremendous expense, not just once but in several cases. Two of my dogs are of the Pit Bull variety and I will fight breed-specific legislation to my dying day. I see it as a form of racism. It is like saying that all members of a specific race should be executed because of the acts of a few. My animals are my life.

We have two Siberian Huskies, and they are the world to us. They are a part of our family, our entertainment, our stress relief, our exercise, the ice breakers at any gathering. They make us think happy thoughts when we’re at work. They keep us going on the weekends, and it warms our hearts at night to see them all curled up on the corners of their couch. We would be lost with out them! They are our life!

My black cat, Midnight, is a blessing in disguise. Every morning she is at my face trying to kiss me and if I roll over she then starts to chew my hair. This is her saying to me get up and start your day with my “purr-breakfast”! And if that fails, the other two cats sometimes join her and trying to revel me UP. I truly appreciate my animals, knowing how much they love me, as I do them.

My cat is worth a lot to me. He is my first cat for a 45-year-old guy. I saw him at a shelter on the internet and fell in love with him. His name is Cappy. When I first met him he bit me at the shelter, but I still took him home. After a few days, we became the best of friends. That was back in 2005. He is with me all over the house and won’t leave my side even when I am working on the couch with my laptop. Worth of him, there is no price you can put on this little guy. He gives both me and my wife unconditional love and we show that love back to him by playing with him and taking care of him. There are times I think what will happen when he gets old and he is no longer with us, but, I don’t want to think that far down the road. You can not give me any amount of money to get rid of this little guy. My wife and I love him. He is a member of the family. He is also a talker, so he meows to me a lot and I meow back. That’s what my pet is worth to me.

I am privileged to have a furry companion named Pugsley. He is a sassy orange Maine Coon about three years of age. Many pet owners anthropomorphize their animals, and I must admit, I am guilty of this behavior too. While I recognize Pugsley is a cat, I would be lost without him; his mannerisms, his vocalizations, his moods, all these things contribute to his “humanity” and he is far more family than pet. As readers of Yankee Magazine, we were asked what our pet was worth. I say, I can no more put a value on Pugsley than I can on my sister, or my parents, or my lover. When compatible creatures live together, a bond is built that no dollar value can sever. It is without a doubt that I would pay anything and go to any length to preserve his life as I would my own. Here’s to all the Pugsleys.

What’s my pet worth to me? Everything. Plain and simple. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do or give to that dog. She’s happy to see me no matter what I look like or how grumpy I am. Nothing can make you forget your problems as fast as a dog wanting to play catch with her favorite toy. I know some people think I’m crazy for loving my dog as much as I do, but I think they are even crazier than I am for not opening up their hearts to an animal and allowing themselves to be loved unconditionally. My life is definitely a case of “love me, love my dog”.


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