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How New England Are You?

How New England Are You?
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47. Argue About Where the Sun Rises First
Untold generations of Maine-iacs know that Katahdin is where America has its first peek at the morning sun–everyone, that is, except people in Washington County, where a welcome sign proclaims “Sunrise County, USA.” And don’t forget about Cadillac Mountain–and the sleeper of this controversy, Mars Hill in Aroostook County. The answer? Depends on the time of year, and, of course, whom you ask.

Talk About the Big Storms Like an Old-Timer

The Blizzard of 1888:
Known as the Great White Blizzard, it dumped 50 inches of snow on central New England.

The Hurricane of ’38:
Gusts reached 186 mph; deaths (including New England and New York victims) numbered 690.

The Blizzard of ’78:
Winds as high as 100 mph were recorded, and that snow–55 inches of the stuff in some parts.

The Ice Storm of 2008:
More than 400,000 homes in New Hampshire alone went without power, some for several weeks.

52. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for the Lake Champlain Monster
The theories go on and on. Champ could be a reptile–or a large eel, or a sturgeon, or none of the above. He could be one or many. He could be a species known to modern biology or a genus never before discovered. But, most important, he could be.

53. Know the Pain That Came With Being a Red Sox Fan Pre-2004
It hasn’t always been about pink hats and multiple World Series titles, folks. Johnny Pesky holding the ball … Bill Buckner and Game 6 … Bucky Dent in ’78 … and Aaron Bleeping Boone. ‘Nuff said, right?

54. Learn the Story of a True New England Tall Tale
The name: Barnabas “Tall Barney” Beal. Birthplace: Jonesport, Maine. Size: 6’7″ with a weight of 300 pounds. The legend: His strength was renowned–as were the stories, like the one where he supposedly killed a horse with a single blow.

55. Visit E. B. White Country
Read about Wilbur, Charlotte, and the rest of the gang from Charlotte’s Web; then visit Maine’s Blue Hill Fair, the now 119-year-old event that inspired it all.

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