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Julia Shipley

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Cabot, Vermont | Where the Heart Rubs Against the Place

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My great-aunt Hope, who visited all 50 states after she and Uncle Bill had retired, once told me... Read More »

Iron Skillet Toss Competition

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Among the country-fair staples of hog calling, log rolling, tractor pulling, and other rural feats, is the iron... Read More »

Striding Down a Smooth, White Avenue| Craftsbury Outdoor Center

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On the map, the Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s “Grand Tour” looks like a generous oval scrawled by a 3-year-old.... Read More »

The Big Question | Snowplow Driver Rusty Churchill

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Walter “Rusty” Churchill says plowing for his hometown of Cabot, Vermont, is the second-best job he’s ever had.... Read More »

The Encyclopedia of Fall: D Is For Dirt Roads

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I hewed the road out of wilderness in 1779  with my pickaxe as one of Colonel Hazen’s men.... Read More »

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