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Sara E. Pratt

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10 Maine Black Bear Facts

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Did you know that Maine black bears can live to about 30 years old in the wild? These 10 Maine... Read More »

Ask the Naturalist: Foliage

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This question isn’t as silly as it might sound at first. Unlike the orange and yellow pigments that... Read More »

Bear Hair and Emu Oil | Only in New England

1 vote, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

Each winter, the bears at Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln, New Hampshire, build up thick, woolly coats just... Read More »

Firewood Facts

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New England boasts three of the top five most forested states in the nation. Maine heads the list... Read More »

Jamestown, Rhode Island | Village Profile

1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (89% score)

We’ve all experienced the euphoria that washes over you at the beginning of a vacation to somewhere new... Read More »

Nantucket’s Shifting Shoreline

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Around 20,000 years ago, the massive Laurentide ice sheet halted its southerly advance just past Cape Cod and,... Read More »

New England Numbers: Spring

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98.5 percentage of 20,646 starting runners who crossed the finish line at the 2007 Boston Marathon 414 pairs... Read More »

Paula Marcoux, Maritime Artisan, Plymouth, Massachusetts

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Paula Marcoux brings the 17th century alive for visitors to Plimoth Plantation as one of the dedicated staff... Read More »

Pumpkin Tossing | Yankee Siege in Greenfield, New Hampshire

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Eight years ago, dentist Steve Seigars saw a NOVA episode on 12th-century trebuchets — and it changed his... Read More »

South Norwalk, CT: Maritime Aquarium

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The temperature in South Norwalk, Connecticut, may average 34 degrees in January, but inside The Maritime Aquarium, the... Read More »

The Bridge to Monomoy | Predator Access

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Erosion may be a significant concern for beachfront homeowners, but other species of Cape Cod dwellers are also... Read More »

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