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Tim Clark

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Book Review: Unpacking the Boxes

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Read an excerpt from Donald Hall’s book. “At fourteen I decided to spend my life writing poetry, which... Read More »

Book Reviews: Yankee authors

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These two books have three things in common: Both are by former Yankee writers from Massachusetts, both are... Read More »

Book Reviews: Antiques and Art

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Here are two remarkably similar stories about remarkably dissimilar works of art. Maryalice Huggins calls hers “a love... Read More »

Book Reviews: The Missing Fathers Club

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A traveling father, a runaway father, a silent father, and a father who never shows up: These are... Read More »

Books: Poems, Birds, Gardens

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In his typically smart and funny introduction to Bright Wings, former U.S. poet laureate Billy Collins cheerfully admits... Read More »

Count Rumford: Inventor, Traitor

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Franklin D. Roosevelt, it is said, counted as the three most brilliant Americans Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and... Read More »

Did Peary Reach North Pole April 6, 1909?

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Find more: “Northward Over the Great Ice” exhibit through 2011, commemorating the centennial of Robert E. Peary’s North... Read More »

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