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Amy Traverso


Senior lifestyle editor Amy Traverso oversees Yankee's Food and Home & Garden departments and contributes articles to the magazine. Amy book, The Apple Lover's Cookbook (W.W. Norton), won an International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) cookbook award for the category American. Follow !

Perfect Fried Chicken

10 votes, 4.30 avg. rating (85% score)

Fried chicken is having a renaissance. Of course, it never really went away. But this year, I’m hearing... Read More »

Easy Lemon Sherbet

8 votes, 3.75 avg. rating (75% score)

  What is sherbet and how was it different from sorbet? I never quite knew until this delicious... Read More »

Revisiting New England best restaurants, circa 1940

3 votes, 4.33 avg. rating (84% score)

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about Imogene Wolcott, Yankee’s first food editor, and her list... Read More »

Chicken and Asparagus Salad Sandwiches

3 votes, 4.67 avg. rating (89% score)

I recently received a lovely new cookbook, To Cook is to Love, published by Boston chef John Verlinden.... Read More »

Hilltop Café | Local Flavor

3 votes, 4.67 avg. rating (89% score)

Finding croissants and community in rural New Hampshire . . . In a rural community, where months pass... Read More »

Skillet Streusel (and Stovetop Crumble)

10 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

My greatest dessert weakness is for crisps and cobblers. Do any of you feel the same way? I... Read More »

North Adams, Massachusetts | A Weekend of Art

3 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (94% score)

Early spring is a tricky time for traveling in New England. You can do some spring skiing or... Read More »

Maple-Nut Upside-Down Cake

Maple-Nut Upside-Down Cake

4 votes, 4.75 avg. rating (91% score)

Today’s weather is such an improvement over the past, oh, five months, that I want to fire up... Read More »

Shady Glen Restaurant in Manchester, Connecticut | Local Flavor

21 votes, 4.05 avg. rating (80% score)

Savoring nostalgia, crispy cheese, and the world’s best chocolate-chip ice cream at a Connecticut dairy store. The tall... Read More »

Behind the Scenes in a Top Chocolate Kitchen

Behind the Scenes in a Top Chocolate Kitchen

4 votes, 4.75 avg. rating (91% score)

One of the highlights of the past year was introducing Yankee’s first annual Editor’s Choice Food Awards in... Read More »

(Really) Old-Time Cocktails of New England

5 votes, 3.80 avg. rating (76% score)

Here’s how author Corin Hirsch describes the daily drinking habits of intemperate early New Englanders in her new... Read More »

How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs

5 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (96% score)

The first thing I ever learned to cook, around age eight, was scrambled eggs, and I learned it... Read More »

Exploring Boston’s Hot Chocolate Cafés

4 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (95% score)

When New Hampshire chocolate guru Larry Burdick opened his first Boston-area L.A. Burdick shop in 1999, I was... Read More »

Galleria Umberto | Local Flavor

5 votes, 4.70 avg. rating (91% score)

The North End is Boston’s Little Italy, a narrow web of streets where fifth-generation families and twenty­­something professionals... Read More »

Parsnip Spice Cupcakes with Maple Frosting

0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

I love carrot cake, so why not parsnip cake? But the idea never even occurred to me, until... Read More »

Make Your Own Candied Citrus

0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

Wintertime is citrus time. And even though these fruits are grown far away in much warmer climates, we’re... Read More »

Gluten-Free Cornbread

7 votes, 4.14 avg. rating (82% score)

The world of gluten-free bread can be a grim place. Too often, the frozen loaves available at most... Read More »

Cozy Cider-Braised Pork

0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

As I type this, the snow is blowing outside my window and the temperature is a frigid 7°... Read More »

An Easy, Customized Gingerbread House

1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (89% score)

My husband, Scott, and I have a tradition of making gingerbread houses at Christmas. We’ve rendered the Guggenheim... Read More »

Cookie Heaven: Mocha Shortbread

2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (92% score)

Last weekend, we spent a wonderful day at the third annual Eat Boutique holiday market, a sort of... Read More »

Cookies through the Decades | 18 Recipes from the 1930s to 2010s

11 votes, 4.55 avg. rating (89% score)

18 Recipes from the 1930s to 2010s Here at Yankee, we’ve been making Christmas cookies for more than... Read More »

Seared scallops with red onion and pepper (and why you should be eating more scallops)

0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

There has been a lot of bad news lately about the state of the New England fishery. From... Read More »

Homemade Chocolate-Hazelnut Tartlets

6 votes, 4.33 avg. rating (85% score)

Read More »

Broccoli-Cheese Calzones

0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

Like most busy home cooks, I like to keep weeknight meals simple. Meanwhile, I’m trying to appeal to... Read More »

“Paper-Bag” Meatloaf

9 votes, 3.67 avg. rating (73% score)

I’ve been cooking a lot of meat in (or on) parchment paper lately: chicken wings, meatloaf. And I’m... Read More »

Gluten-Free Cornmeal Thumbprint Cookies

4 votes, 4.50 avg. rating (87% score)

Read More »

Cozy Potato-Mushroom Soup

2 votes, 3.50 avg. rating (72% score)

Lately, all I want to eat is soup. And on this gray, rainy day, despite the warm temperatures,... Read More »

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