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Heather Marcus


Heather Marcus is the photo editor for the magazine. She works closely with the art director and a large group of contributing photographers. Living in New England, she is inspired by the people, the landscape and the wonderful visual opportunities the region affords.

Wickford, Rhode Island Slideshow

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Last summer, photographer Julie Bidwell captured a slice of life in the beautiful town of Wickford, Rhode Island... Read More »

Nantucket Daffodil Festival | Slide Show of Photographs

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A sea of yellow envelops the island of Nantucket for one weekend in late April.  Photographer Carl Tremblay... Read More »

Featured Photographer: Mark Fleming

3 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (94% score)

Mark Fleming is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Portland, Maine. For nearly two decades, he has... Read More »

Featured Photographer: Jake Wyman

9 votes, 3.11 avg. rating (63% score)

Jake Wyman makes his home in southern Connecticut and has worked as a professional photographer for over 30... Read More »

Featured Photographer | Jack McConnell Shoots Winter in New England

18 votes, 3.39 avg. rating (68% score)

Connecticut based photographer Jack McConnell has spent 40 years creating photographs.  Much of his work centers on capturing... Read More »

Antique Stove Restoration | Slideshow

3 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

Photographer Joel Laino captured the work of restorers Emery and Brandon Pineo in March 2013.  The father and... Read More »

Featured Photographer: Peter Miller

15 votes, 2.47 avg. rating (51% score)

Peter Miller is a writer and photographer who lives in Colbyville, Vermont in a rambling farmhouse on Route... Read More »

Featured Photographer: Dan Tobyne

16 votes, 2.50 avg. rating (51% score)

Dan Tobyne has been involved in photography for more than forty years.  Early in his career as a... Read More »

Featured Photographer: Onne van der Wal

20 votes, 2.40 avg. rating (49% score)

Onne van der Wal has been a nautical, sailing and yacht photographer for over 20 years. Providing an... Read More »

Featured Photographer: Allison V. Smith

17 votes, 2.41 avg. rating (49% score)

Allison V. Smith is a fine art, freelance editorial photographer based in Dallas, Texas with strong family ties... Read More »

Featured Photographer: Matt Kalinowski

Featured Photographer: Matt Kalinowski

25 votes, 2.88 avg. rating (58% score)

Photographer Matt Kalinowski lives on the north shore of Boston with his wife and daughter. He has been... Read More »

Day Trip to Martha’s Vineyard in Photographs

3 votes, 4.33 avg. rating (84% score)

A short ferry ride from Woods Hole brings you to a summer escape on the island of Martha’s... Read More »

Two of New England’s Great Lakes | Photos of Lake Willoughby and Moosehead Lake

1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (89% score)

Contributing photographer Carl Tremblay captured our July/August 2013 cover beautifully from the air of The Birches owner John... Read More »

Daytrip to Old Sturbridge Village

We are fortunate to live in New England surrounded by so much history and so many places and... Read More »

Featured Photographer | John Vose/Jericho Hills Photography of New England Wildlife

20 votes, 2.50 avg. rating (51% score)

John Vose is a self-taught photographer living in the Jericho Hills area of Hartford, Vermont.  He has always... Read More »