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Behind the Scenes

New England speaks to people in different ways. Seemingly everyone who's spent time in our region has a lasting impression of it, and we at Yankee Magazine feel the same way.

We've created this blog to let our staff to share their own thoughts on New England. Keep reading and you just may get a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Yankee.

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The Circus Comes to Town

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One of my favorite photo pieces we’ve run in Yankee focused on the young performers of Circus Smirkus... Read More »

The Gardener Versus the Groundhog

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What induces a man to retrieve old cat litter from the garbage and then wander outside under a... Read More »

A Road Less Traveled

1 vote, 2.00 avg. rating (59% score)

My editor and a longtime travel writer, Mel Allen, often hands out the sagely advice to “get lost,... Read More »

Favorite Maine Lobster Rolls

3 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

What does it take to make perfect Maine lobster rolls? Here’s the criteria and the places that serve... Read More »

Bruins Fever is like Moose Mania

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I’m writing this on a sun-splashed (finally!) afternoon, after so many days of cold rain it seemed as... Read More »

Evolution of Magazine Photography

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In thinking about photography and the magazine, I realize how different the work has become in the short... Read More »

My Worst Hike Ever

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Climbing Mount Sunapee in early June was not my best plan ever. I was in the area this... Read More »

Message In a Box: Pen Pals

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Pen Pals It’s been said many times that Yankee stories are different than other kinds of magazine stories.... Read More »

The Making of a Yankee Cover

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It all begins with a lineup: a roll call of story ideas that we “line up” for each... Read More »

Brimfield Antique Fair Finds

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The Brimfield Antique Fair & Show kicked off its 2011 season on Tuesday, May 10th, and we were... Read More »

Tough Mudder Competition New England

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As I trekked around the sprawling snow free, mud streaked landscape of Vermont’s Mount Snow last Sunday, I... Read More »

Life, Death, and Magazines at the CRMA Conference

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What do you get when you fill a hotel ballroom with magazine editors? A whole lot of doubt,... Read More »

The 5 Best, Surefire Ways to Break into Yankee

2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (92% score)

“How do I break into Yankee?” I hear that question over and over from hopeful writers. Through the... Read More »

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