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Provincetown Comes to Boston

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Provincetown is terra incognita to me. I have visited this outpost of art and beach culture but twice... Read More »

Puddings, puddings, puddings

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We sat sequestered in the Sunday School room of the Charlemont Federated Church, three of us, twenty-seven glorious... Read More »

Raid on Spell Hall/Nathanael Greene Homestead Revolutionary War Reenactment

Living historians and colonial artisans recreate an authentic military encampment and battle on the grounds of Spell Hall.... Read More »


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I have been dealing with some major lethargy on the outdoor pursuits front. It’s been raining so much... Read More »

Rangeley Annual “Walk to Bethlehem”

Rangeley Friends of the Arts presents the annual “Walk to Bethlehem”. Following the walk, there will be a... Read More »

Rangeley Annual Snodeo

Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile Club hosts its annual Snodeo Event. The event features demo rides, family rides, children activities,... Read More »

Rangeley World Record Snowmobile Ride

Rangeley will attempt to break the world record for number of snowmobiles in a ride that will benefit... Read More »

Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem | Big Old Life Music Review

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As you may have guessed from the title and the whimsical, bare-footed cover photo, this is an album... Read More »

Raw and Cooked Landscapes

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Ansel Adams and Ed Burtynsky are a natural pairing not because their photography is so similar but because... Read More »

Real Art Ways Keeps Hartford Hopping

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Real Art Ways, an alternative arts space founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1975, is one of New England’s... Read More »

Realism After Abstraction

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Ordinarily, exhibitions of art from a museum’s permanent collection are about as newsworthy as re-arranging the furniture. Staff... Read More »

Recycled Percussion EVENING SHOW

Evening Show starts at 6:30 (5pm dinner service w/ children’s menu) New Hampshire’s Iconic “RECYCLED PERCUSSION” returns to... Read More »

Remedies for Common Houseplant Ailments.

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Try these houseplant remedies when your plants start to wither and droop. Houseplant ailments fall into three main... Read More »

Remembering Past Adventures

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Last Friday, May 14, I meant to have lunch with my dear friends Dun Gifford, Sara Baer-Sinnott, and... Read More »

Richard Stoltzman: Phoenix in Flight

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Richard Stoltzman’s Phoenix in Flight is pretty much what you’d expect from the world’s foremost clarinet soloist: a... Read More »

Rising Tide on Plum Island

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Plum Island was deserted except for a slightly offbeat mother, her twelve-year-old daughter and four young sons, including... Read More »

Robert Cray Band

Blues legend Robert Cray is coming to the Flying Monkey! Cray’s smooth, seductive vocal phrasing and rhythmic R&B... Read More »

Robert Sullivan reads “Flight of the Reindeer”

In conjunction with the lighting of the tree on the Dartmouth Green, The Hanover Inn presents “Holidays in... Read More »

Rock of Ages

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People are always saying newspapers are full of bad news. I don’t find that to be the case,... Read More »

Rockstone and Bootheel @ Real Art Ways

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Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut, has organized a multimedia celebration of contemporary West Indian culture that includes... Read More »

Role Reversal

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When you read this, I’ll be, by the grace of God and the pilot’s skill, in Japan. I’ve... Read More »

Roni Horn aka Roni Horn

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Roni Horn is an androgynous artist. She wears horn-rimmed glasses and keeps her hair cropped short. She has... Read More »

Ross Livermore Band at Great Scott: with The Frotations and The Doyle Brothers

Attention, all true music lovers: Once you see the Ross Livermore Band, you won’t forget them. The tightness... Read More »

Running in the Hot Summer Weather

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The New England region experienced some hot and humid weather over the past couple days, until a storm... Read More »

Running of the Brides

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Amy Bidder shares her first-hand experience at The Running of the Brides event—a unique, annual bridal sale held... Read More »


Kevin Rhodes conductor Yevgeny Kutik violin Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra PROKOFIEV Symphony No.1 PROKOFIEV Violin Concerto No. 2... Read More »

Sacred and Profane Portsmouth

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Frankly, I had no idea what to expect when I drove down to Portsmouth yesterday to check out... Read More »

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