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Artist in Residences

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Since 1990, artist Connie Hayes has been painting landscapes, still-lifes and interiors in and around houses where she... Read More »

Artist John Bisbee and Bowdoin College Museum

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There’s no such thing as bad art. I used to think that the work of the art critic... Read More »

Arts of War exhibition at the Peabody Museum, Harvard

War has been an attribute of human cultures throughout time, and weapons are crafted with a practical, deadly... Read More »

As Others See Us

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A figurative painting tends to be a representation of an unidentified person, a generalized image of the human... Read More »

Author Chelsey Philpot, ‘Even in Paradise’

NH author Chelsey Philpot grew up spending her weekends browsing the shelves at Gibson’s, and we’re thrilled to... Read More »

Author Michael T Fournier swings in with ‘Swing State’!

Concord native Michael Fournier returns triumphant with his new novel! Swing State unveils the generally overlooked decades-long economic... Read More »

Away for the Weekend

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I went last weekend to a high school reunion — a very unusual reunion which I will write... Read More »

Backyard Clippers on the Marsh: The Story of the Shiverick Shipyard

Eight clipper ships were built on the marshes of East Dennis back in the mid-1800′s. Join in the... Read More »

Bad Excuses Not to Ski

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As an official ski blog writer, I probably should have been skiing at least once already. This is... Read More »

Baptist Church in Warren Hosts Clogging Classes

Aubrey Atwater is offering Community Classes for American Clogging at the Baptist Church in Warren, over four Tuesday... Read More »

Bella Voce | Now Let Us Sing

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This album definitely fits the bill of local music. Bella Voce, a professional women’s choir in Vermont, teamed... Read More »

Below Zero, Not so Cold

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A week or so ago, I woke up to remember that I had forgotten to buy milk on... Read More »

Best Art Blogs in New England

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My limited experience with news blogs has given me the impression that they’re wild and lawless places where... Read More »

Best Dog

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We are all excited about the passing of this winter in particular because of an ice storm that... Read More »

Best Garden Ornaments & Furniture | 2014 Home & Garden Awards

Best Garden Ornaments & Furniture | 2014 Home & Garden Awards

2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (92% score)

With your garden planted and blooming, it’s time to add the finishing touches! From colorful pots and picket... Read More »

Best Places in Nantucket

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Just back from some R&R on my favorite island, Nantucket. I’ve been going since I was a kid.... Read More »

Best Snow Resorts for Families

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The first wave of ski excitement started appearing a few weeks ago. It’s usually inspired by the change... Read More »

Bill Littlefield, ‘Take Me Out’

Join for an evening of whimsical light poems about sports and games by one of America’s top sports... Read More »

Bird Mancini | Funny Day Music Review

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I really didn’t know what to make of Boston-based Bird Mancini when they slid their last album across... Read More »

Birds of the World gallery

Boasting over 10,000 species, birds are the most diverse land vertebrates on the planet, surpassing the biological diversity... Read More »

Bits of Sea in Concord

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Unbeknownst to both of us, I played a small part in the development of painter John Bonner’s career.... Read More »

Black on White, Ink on Paper

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The debut of Evolution of a Shared Vision: The David and Barbara Stahl Collection at the Currier Museum... Read More »

Black Womanhood at the Hood

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Back in 2001, while preparing a cover profile of her for the Boston Globe Magazine, I had the... Read More »

Blowing Up Maine

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A decade ago, Scottish painter Peter Davies painted two famous paintings “The Hot One Hundred” and “The Hip... Read More »

Blue Heaven

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On hot mornings like this one, I start early when it’s still (relatively) cool. Last weekend, I planted... Read More »

Boar’s Head Festival

The Boar’s Head Festival, a medieval celebration of the Epiphany, will be presented at Trinity United Methodist Church,... Read More »

Bob Ryan bounces into our court, with Scribe: My Life in Sports

Book signing: Ever since he joined the sports department of the Boston Globe in 1968, sports enthusiasts have... Read More »

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