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Annual North Country Moose Festival

A weekend of fun showcasing all the North Country has to offer! Car show, craft fair, outdoor &... Read More »

Annual Sno-Deo by Swift Diamond Riders

Manufacturers bring next year’s sleds for you to view & ride! Food and crafters on site. Antique sled... Read More »

Annual Spring Plant Sale

Loved by Plant enthusiasts of all ages, the Mountain Garden Club’s Spring Plant Sale is a treasure! Club... Read More »

Antique Tractor Day at Billings Farm & Museum

August 2: Antique Tractor Day Tractors made between the 1920s and the 1960s will be displayed from 10:00... Read More »

Apocalypse Maine

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Biennial art exhibitions, whether by invitation only or juried shows open to all, have become waypoints on the... Read More »

Applying Sunscreen

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I am one of the fairest of them all — fairest skinned that it is. Well, maybe not... Read More »

Art “Associated” With Maine

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The nature and character of a juried exhibition is in part a function of the artists who submit... Read More »

Art As Experience

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Garry Mitchell lives about five miles from me in North Yarmouth, Maine, yet for some reason I have... Read More »

Art as Installation and Performance

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Traditionally, the visual arts have been object-oriented, involving the creation of paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture. Increasingly over... Read More »

Art as Invention and Play

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Last week, in reporting on the Boston Art Awards, I noted that “When the market is bad and... Read More »

Art at Colby

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The Colby College Museum of Art is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an exhibition and a book, both... Read More »

Art at Play in Brattleboro

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Making art is both a serious form of human inquiry and a form of imaginative play. The five... Read More »

Art At The Edge

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Just three months ago I reported on the ambitious beginnings of the Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art and... Read More »

Art City By The Sea

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Greenhut Galleries in Portland began mounting a biennial Portland Show in 2002 to mark its 25th anniversary. The... Read More »

Art Detectives in Hartford

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Art conservators have many of the same hi-tech sensing and imaging technologies available to them that medical and... Read More »

Art Flows in Cultural Pittsfield

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Jump In! at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts (through October 31) in downtown Pittsfield, Massachusetts, is a... Read More »

ART FOR ALL SEASONS: Decoratve Arts and Basketry Guild Show

Reception: Saturday, March 14, 1 – 2:30pm Every season provides its own celebrations and the Decorative Artists and... Read More »

Art in Bloom! A Walking Tour of Jackson

Visit historic Jackson and enjoy the Mountain Garden Club’s gift to Mount Washington Valley, a walking tour of... Read More »

Art of Ancient Iraq

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The art and culture of the ancient Middle East is not one of my strong points, so I... Read More »

Art Show “Dance of the Seasons”

A wonderful display of talent and imagery as presented by artists from far and wide. 2014 exhibiting artists... Read More »

ART Walk Bar Harbor with Free Concert

August Art Walk starts with a lively pre-walk band performance. Bar Harbor’s dynamic gala, starting after the concert,... Read More »

Art Walk Bar Harbor…”Dress-up Night” 

September’s First Friday Art Walk is a fashion event. Gallery and shop owners will be dressed to the... Read More »

Art Without Borders

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People used to cross the U.S.-Canadian border casually, driving across the St. Croix River from Calais, Maine, into... Read More »

Artist As Activist and Agitator

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Shepard Fairey is suddenly everywhere – in the news, on walls, buildings and bridges, in museums, and, yes,... Read More »

Artist as Environmental Activist

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I guess I must have missed Alan Gussow. Though he painted on Monhegan Island from 1949 until his... Read More »

Artist in Residences

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Since 1990, artist Connie Hayes has been painting landscapes, still-lifes and interiors in and around houses where she... Read More »

Artist John Bisbee and Bowdoin College Museum

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There’s no such thing as bad art. I used to think that the work of the art critic... Read More »

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