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4. When You’re Thirsty

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Try the season’s apple cider — celebrate Cider Day in western Massachusetts’ Franklin County (413-773-5463; Or, look... Read More »

43 Reasons to Love Winter in New England

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We’ve compiled a not-so-serious list of 43 of the very best reasons to stick around New England for... Read More »

5 Best Historic House Museums in New England

5 votes, 4.80 avg. rating (93% score)

When architectural writer and longtime New England resident William Morgan lived in Kentucky, old houses were what he... Read More »

5. Bike

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Vermont’s four-mile River Road is a don’t-miss. This dirt byway parallels the Ottauquechee River between Woodstock and Quechee... Read More »

6. Style

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Jewelry maker Michael Michaud of Fairfield, Connecticut, has designed a collection called Falling Leaves, featuring maple, oak, and... Read More »

7. It’s Not Just About the Leaves

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Fall is also harvest time — that time of year when we visit New England’s apple orchards, pumpkin... Read More »

75 years of Yankee

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$50 weekly salary paid to Yankee‘s new assistant editor (now editor-in-chief), Judson Hale, in 1958 267 number of... Read More »

8. From the Air

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That’s right… No one ever said the only way to see color was from eye level. Get the... Read More »

9. Behind the Wheel

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Use Bethel, Maine, as your starting and ending point. Head west on Route 2, then turn south on... Read More »

9/11 Started Here | Yankee Classic

3 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (94% score)

After all those years working the dawn flights at Logan, and then for 16 more at Portland, Mike... Read More »

Jeopardy! Features Yankee Magazine as a Category on September 17th

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Yankee Magazine will be a category on Jeopardy!, the most honored quiz show in television history, on Friday,... Read More »

Yankee Classic: Ghost Town

4 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (95% score)

Yankee Classic from Mysterious New England, 1971 Here is a tragedy so heinous, a mystery so unfathomable, an... Read More »

Yankee Classic: Life on an Oil Rig

9 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

From Yankee Magazine April 1981 Working on an offshore drilling rig is a demanding and dangerous profession. Author... Read More »

Mayflower II | Local Treasure

4 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

The ship that carried the Pilgrims has been long lost to history, but its recreation — the Mayflower II —... Read More »

Sunbeam | Mission to Maine

3 votes, 4.33 avg. rating (84% score)

Sea smoke pours off the water and encircles the islands–Great Cranberry, Sutton, and Swans–giving a dreamy look to... Read More »

A Bang for Your Buck in the Berkshires | How New England Can Change the World

1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (89% score)

How New England Can Save the World, Part IIII in a series Part I: 2011 Biathalon World Cup:... Read More »

A Beautiful Blade

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A paddle is a canoeist’s best friend; a good one delivers a powerful stroke with ease. This native... Read More »

A Bicycle Built for You

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A bike is a bike, right? Not so for Seven Cycles. Each bicycle — mountain or road —... Read More »

A Brief History

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7000 B.C. The first maples appear on the New England landscape. New Jersey tourists soon follow. September 1818... Read More »

A Christmas Miracle

4 votes, 4.50 avg. rating (87% score)

A chance encounter stirs the author’s memory of the man who gave him a new life. I was... Read More »

A Comfortable Truth

1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (89% score)

We first walked the land in late October 1997. It was raining. It was cold. We wore rubber... Read More »

A Fine Sugaring Season | Life in the Kingdom

4 votes, 3.75 avg. rating (75% score)

Lingering cold, slow-running sap, mud up to your ankles … How could life be better? By the time... Read More »

A Half-Billion Years in the Making

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Conflict is nothing new to Swanton Red marble, as the rock itself was born of a cataclysmic continental... Read More »

A Hard Winter | Life in the Kingdom

23 votes, 4.74 avg. rating (94% score)

Given that this is our first column together, I suppose it makes sense to begin with a description... Read More »

A Helluva Feller

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39 A Helluva Feller “Attention please, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Fenway Park.” That was... Read More »

A Logger’s Life | First Light

2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (92% score)

Behind the romance of curling woodsmoke, being a logger is one tough profession. Our wood chart shows you... Read More »

A Lyrical Line

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C. H. Becksvoort of New Gloucester, Maine. It’s a name synonymous with high-quality Shaker-style furniture. Chris Becksvoort uses... Read More »

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